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Episode 1 – Blue Bomber and Pink Wrecker

Taito Station, Tokyo, 12:30, 2017

At this game center, a boy with his black hair, blue eyes, blue jacket, and a ton of yen money and some dollar in his little gray bag. He was a blue robot hero in the past and legend robot in the future, but right now he’s just normal gamer and Taito Station is his favorite place to visit almost every day.

Right now he’s trying to play Taiko no Tatsujin, rhythm arcade game that created by Namco. You have to hit the simulated Taiko following music that you choose, corresponding to notes scrolling from the right.

This game has 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Oni (Japanese word for demon).  He chooses easy difficulty for practice, and he chooses “Excite” for his song.

Soutou…EXCITE! EXCITE! takanaru
EXCITE! EXCITE! kokoro ga
michibiku ano basho e kakenukete ikudake

His movement is so sync with song’s rhythm. His hair looks so beautiful when his sweat splatter and his eyes filled with extremely excitement.

(Hey!) I'm on a mission right now
(Hey!) I'm on a mission right now
EXCITE! EXCITE! kotae wa
EXCITE! EXCITE! kotae wa

Oh, I almost forgot. This gamer’s name is Rock…

(One!) kono te no naka
(Two!) susumu beki life
(Three!) ikite iku dake

…also known as “Rockman” for Japanese and “Megaman” in English.

“Oh, yeah!!! Full combo!!!”

Rock put everything back into  his big bag before left this place, but before he step out from this arcade, one of arcade staff walk to him with one grey chest with big GD symbol in his right hand.

“Wait a minute, Rock!!”

“Yes, what’s that in your hand?”

“I don’t know either, but our manager receives this and it said this chest is for you.”

Rock grabs a chest from Taito staff and walk out from this arcade to go home.

“Then, thank you to bring this to me, please say thank you to Mr. Manager, too.”

“Don’t worry, Rock. See ya!!”

Thud Thud…

Rock stops walking and look at GD sign…it might not similar to many people, but for him…

“I think this sign look so similar…well, gotta check out when I get home.”

Right’s lab, Tokyo, 14:37 o’clock.

“I’m back, dad!!...”

Rock use his own house key to open a door and ready to hug his dad, Dr.Thomas Right, but he’s not home…

“Roll, Tempo…anyone?”

And everyone’s not home’ either. Rock use this moment to check out what’s inside this chest.
He saw one big Green-Pink driver, big Pink-White giant hammer, and pink little gadget that look like it use with big driver, and there’s a letter and manual for this driver.

“Letter, eh? Let’s see…”

Rock opens a letter that included in the chest, it said…

[To: Rock a.k.a. Rockman/Megaman
I know that you’re the one that was famous hero in the past and the legend blue bomber in your future…but do you want to shine by your own legend and story? If you want, use this Gamer Driver and my Gashat – [Mighty Action X] to start your own game from now on…new Ex-Aid
Genius gamer, M

[To Rock-san
This driver was uses by Mask rider Gemn – a.k.a. CEO Kuroto Dan, but he use Gashacon Bugvisor to transform instead. So we tried to take it, and it success…although it’s really hard. In manual, it has blueprint of Gamer Driver…just in case. However, I hope you’ll enjoy your story and still protect people like you always do.
Ps. This Gashat is second lot from our Gashats. We’ll send other ones to you later…and you can use my last name from now on.
Your sincerely, Hojo Emu.

“Thank you very much, Emu-san…M-san”

Rock picks his new driver to investigate how to use it. He know that his Gamer Driver is still off…because Mask rider Genm a.k.a. Kuroto Dan use Buggle driver with LV.X/LV.10 Gashat [Dangerous Zombie] instead of this driver. So he turns on his new toy by set driver to waist.

“By the way…it still power off. Then…”


[Gamer Driver!!]

“All right, it work!!! Next step…this!!”

[Mighty Action X]

After Rock activate his Gashat, there’s a pink game screen behind him…it’s a game screen of Mighty Action X, and it release item block from screen and spread game area.

“Wow!!! So this is game area that Emu-san use every time, eh? All right!!!”

He push his right arm to left side an swing it back to left side, this is henshin post that Emu use every time…right now Rock can use this post, too.



After driver activate, there’s a riders face whirl around him like player-select section. Rock push his right hand to Ex-Aid’s face to transform into him.

[Let’s game! Mecha game! Mutcha game! What’s your name!?]

[…I’m a Kamen Rider]

Rock’s right side of eye and hair turn to pink and also his jacket, but his jacket has white armor on both sides + white armor for his legs and white goggle like Mask rider Ex-Aid LV.1. His left sleeve show Rock’s style of HP gauge, Rock Buster icon, 9 blank icon, and Mega Buster that turn into gauntlet.

Rock walks to one of item box that come from game screen. It looks similar to Mario’s item box, but its color is brown instead of yellow.

“Well…after I watch so many episode of Ex-Aid, maybe I can use this guy to break it…”

Rock push his right hand in the air and then weapon screen appears. There’s one weapon that Rock can use, it’s a white hammer in the pink screen. Rock catches that hammer when it reach to his hand.

[Gashacon Breaker]

“Well…kinda like Mario-san’s hammer. Oh well, it’s gonna work…I guess…”


Rock smash one of item box to see what’s inside. It’s a medal with running black rider. It’s [Speeding-Up] energy item.


Rock’s body shine yellow light for 1 second and he feels his speed crazily increase like he can run through Time Man’s [Time Slow] and Flash Man’s [Time Stopper]. First, he run around Dr.Light’s house to adjust his body to use it next time. Suddenly, when Rock reach to Metalize medal…


…the high orange tower light appears in the middle of Tokyo, and Rock know what it is.

“Bugster!? Why now?”

Rock hurry to Dr.Light’s laboratory to take his Item No.2 to fly to where Bugster’s appearing, but it’s unfortunate for him because…

…all of his items are broken right now. He doesn’t have any option but to use his own legs like an old-fashion way days.

“Oh-My-God!!! Well…”

Rock look outside to see how far between him and Bugster is, luckily it’s just 1 kilometer from his house to his goal.

“Fine…I just run…it’s not bad, I think.”

Thud thud thud

Busgter tower, Tokyo, 14:43, 2017

“Huff…huff…harder than I thought…”

Because the world is in peace for a long time and Dr.Wily’s not conquering a world for years (and don’t forget about Emerald Spears), Rock’s body is easy to tired by lack of endurance. Right now he’s not different from common NetNavi that’s absolutely lose to Rockman E.X.E. / Megaman E.X.E. in no time.

Rock hopelessly look up to crowd of Bugster that look like tower because they unite themselves together.

“Fine…let’s do this…”

Although his sound looks hopeless, but his eyes fill with excitement. He’s a gamer, and it’s commonly that every gamers exciting that they fight with whole new level – bosses. All of these Bugsters are his first step to a whole new tales…named “Kamen rider” or “Mask rider”.

“…game on, suckers!!!”

Rock run into enemy to smash them all, although he doesn’t think about whose inside those Bugsters…but still, it’s too dangerous to leave Bugster virus live inside those people.

“Maybe these guy can hold me long enough to hit most of them…let’s try this plan!!!”
Rock throw purple medal that have a picture of black rider who’s confusing to Bugster tower and use gray medal that have black rider with broken sword for himself.

[Konran] [Kōtetsu-ka]

Purple medal that Rock throws to Bugsters is confusion medal. It makes targets confusing and loses its control, like confusion ray in Pokemon.

Gray medal that Rock use with himself is metalize medal. It makes target’s body turns to metal and highly raise their defense. This medal mostly use for self-effect.

Right now Bugster tower is collapse and they attack each other because they can’t control themselves by confusion medal’s effect, and Rock use his Gashacon Breaker to eliminate some of them that still survive from their attack, plus metalize medal’s effect, Rock takes only a little bit damage…just only 2% of all health.

Rock look around himself after 80% of Bugster eliminate. Rock pull his Gashat out from driver and blow it one time.


Rock take his Gashat out from his driver to use it with Gashacon Breaker for perform its [Critical Finish] to end these Bugsters once and for all.

[Critical Finish] is finisher move of Ex-Aid’s Gashacon weapon. User have to insert Gashat to Gashacon weapon’s slot to unleash Gashat’s power with weapon’s style, and you can use almost every Gashat to Gashacon weapons, because [Mighty Brother XX] Gashat, [Gashat Gear Dual], and [Gashat Gear Dual Beta] are too big to use Critical Finish, except user use them with [Gashacon Key Slasher] that allow you to use 2 slot-Gashat like these 3.

“Whew, let’s end this first phase!!!”

[Gashat! Kimewaza!]

When Rock insert his Gashat to Gashacon Breaker, electric effect of Mighty Action X appears around Rock when it’s still standby, with some fire effect of Mighty Action X around Gashacon Breaker. Rock decide to push activate button to end this first phase.

[Mighty Critical Finish!]

After all of electric effect disappear when announcement end, Rock jump above those leftover Bugsters to smash them all and see who’s inside these virus.

“Eat this, little shrimps!!!”


[Kaishin no Ippatsu!]

All of Bugsters eliminate by powerful finisher of Gashat. Rock walk to last position of Bugster before he deletes them to see who the one he’s helping is.

“Booyah!!! All right, let’s see who’s inside…those…”

Rock run out of words when he see person who’s unconscious in Bugster’s position…he doesn’t imagine that he see her face again.

That person wearing doctor coat, her orange eyes and her purple hair make herself looks very beautiful, but those reasons can’t make Rock run out of his word. True reason that explain Rock’s situation is…

…she’s the one that Rock know who she is…and she’s one of his painful memories.

“What…Dr.Lalinde!?!? Why are you here!?!?”

“Uh…Rock…runs away from here. You can’t…stay here…”

Lilanda tried to make Rock run away from something that happen to her and she doesn’t know what it is. For some protagonist they’ll refuse because they want to protect, but not Rock’s reason for himself right now.

Rock reply to Lilande with empty eyes, he’s dead-tired to fight because someone told him and make him do. Right now, his decision is absolutely 100% himself.

“No. I’m tired to run just like some sore loser…and this time…”


Rock looks at Lalinde’s body that taking over by Bugster with smile of excitement, this means it’s last phase to end her illness from Bugster, and boss stage in his mind.

“…it’s my turn to play my game.”

Bugster take over Dr.Lalinde’s body and turn to be phase 2 Bugster. This Bugster’s level is 2, it has a design similar to Drgonlord from Dragon Quest and Maleficent from Disney, its red wand match with its design. Its name is Aranbura, it born from 1 of 10 phase 1 Gashat – [Taddle Quest]

“Aranbura, eh? Although I don’t have Taddle Quest…but it’s still time for leveling up!!!”

Rock spread both of his arms and makes a pose of Mask rider Ichigo. This is Emu’s post when he’s going to transform into LV.2 Ex-Aid.

“Dai Henshin!!!”

[Gachan! Level Up!]

After LV-UP announcement, all around area turn to be 8-bit game area and some game area in the air turn to be Mighty Action X game. Rock jump to the air and post Ex-Aid’s LV-UP post.

[Mighty Jump! Mighty Kick! Mighty, Mighty Action X!]

With Rock’s perfect landing, this is the most perfect LV-UP post for his first time. White armor and white goggle bounce off Rock’s right body side and his face. His right side of jacket is pink and have Ex-Aid’s pink + black pattern, and for right sleeve, it has Ex-Aid’s style of HP gauge, weapon icon, and circle pad + 4 color button.

“Let’s clear this game…with no continue!!!”

Pew pew pew!! Smack!!

Rock shoot his buster after change it from gauntlet mode, and smack Aranbula’s head by Gashacon Breaker to make some damage to it, but it’s not that easy…

“How my hammer and buster taste, huh?”

“You think I’m done, I don’t think so.”

…because Aranbula can heal itself by healing magic in its staff, but it doesn’t make Rock concern at all, and he’s more exciting in this situation when he’s turning his Gashacon Breaker into Sword mode.

[Ja Kīn!]

“Nope, never think about it. As long as game’s still on, that’s always unexpected situation happens and players have to think how to solve them. That’s the best parts of every game, y’know?”

Phing! Clank!

Aranbula’s staff trun into 2 pieces by Gashacon Breaker’s sharp blade. Its magic comes from its staff, of course healing magic is in that staff, too. Right now it’s no chance to use its magic, it means Aranbula is unable to fight anymore.

“ precious staff!!!”

“Although you can heal yourself quickly and restore many HP, but not repair weapon’s durability, am I right?”

Aranbula looks at Rock with anger face. It heard that Rock was hero that protect everyone with very kind heart and a legend blue bomber for every Rockman/Mega Man in the future…but Rock right now is totally different person in its eyes.

“You…you bastard!!!”

“Phud…wind blowing – check.”


Rock blow his Gashat before he inserts it to [Kimewaza Slot Holder] at left side of driver, like everyone when they blow Nintendo Entertainment System (a.k.a. NES) game cartridge to remove dust before they insert it to NES to play their game. Although Rock heard what was Aranbula said, but he doesn’t care…because he choose to be himself…to do something right.

Mighty Action X electric effect appears again when Rock use critical strike, it’s the same electric effect like critical finish. Critical effects for every Gashat are electric effect, but different color depends of Gashat’s game and color.

“Sorry that I’m a bastard, but…”

Rock moves his right leg backward and post for finisher critical strike move. When he push activate button, it’s all over for Aranbula’s life…

[Mighty Critical Strike!]

…and he’s done it, he push the button to finish that helpless Bugster. (I think everyone’s so satisfy when they use their finisher skill in every RPG game to kill helpless monsters/bosses…again, I think.)

“…it’s game over for you!!!”

Rock jumps and kick Aranbula like Rider Kick, but he doesn’t stop at this. He use Mask rider V3’s rider kick, drop kick, round-the-clock kick, and spin hook kick for end this fight.


[Kaishin no Ippatsu!] [Game Clear!]

Rock run quickly to catch Lalinde when all of Bugster deleted from her body. She doesn’t have any Bugster illness now.

“Dr.Lalinde, are you all right!?!?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…but…”

Her eyes are full with guilty and remorseful, and that’s no way Rock doesn’t recognize cause of her strain.

“…You still feel guilty about Tempo’s emotion, right?”

“Rock, why do you know about that I’m still feeling guilty about it?”

[Gatchon!] [Gashun!]

Rock remove Gashat to turn off his transformation and sit on the floor near Lalinde to talk about Bugster that she doesn’t know…actually he think most of people that he met all times doesn’t know anything about those Bugster and Kamen rider.

“Because Bugster take over your body after I do an empty eyes, like Tempo when her emotion was taking out.”

“Anyway…can you tell me what was inside my body?”

“They are virus computer called [Bugster]. It born in the same day when the virus corrupted all of computers between 1999 and 2000, and Kuroto Dan, or Mask rider Genm finds these Bugster and unleash them in the same day when Emu-san has second operation. It takes most of people’s life and his father…Masamune Dan had to be arrested because of guilty that Genm made and accuse that it’s his own father’s false…this tragedy made 10 proto-version games that Masamune-san made have to cancelled and turn 10 of them to be [Proto Gashat]…after that, people called this tragedy [Zero Day] and group of doctors founded [Cyberbrain Room] or for short is [CR] to take down those Bugster by their heroes that use Gashat…also known as Kamen rider/Mask rider 18.”

“That’s a long story, eh?”

“Yup, here’s water for you.”

Rock gives bottle of water to Lalinde. She drinks it with beautiful view of her in Rock’s eyes. She’s still look like Tempo’s mother to him…although she took away Tempo’s emotion, but she’s still care about it.

“By the way, I have something to tell you, in case that we’ll never see each other again.”
“What do you want to tell me, Rock?”

Rock stands up and turns his face to look at Lalinde’s face. His sentence is what he wants to tell her all the time but doesn’t have good words and chance, but now he absolutely can tell her right now.

“Emotion is like magic, it can heal people’s heart, but it can wreck everything, too. Please be careful about emotions, OK?”

“Thanks, I’ll remember that.”

“You’re welcome, do you want some hand to stand up and a taxi to go home?”

“If you say so, I’ll accept your kindness.”

“Bring it on, madam.”

Rock takes his phone to call taxi to take Lalinda back to her lab. Although she’s a part of his painful memories, but those memories and his past make him turn to be himself today.
30 minutes later.

Lilande and Rock look at each other before they go home. Today’s totally messed up, but they can solve them and have peaceful time again. Now it’s time for them to say goodbye.

“So, this is goodbye, right?”

“Nah, we’ll meet again sometime, I guess.”

Rock’s true, when they have to separate…there’s still a moment that they’ll reunite again and work together in the future, like [When the worlds collide] event, [When the worlds unite] event, and [Gigamix] event.

“Well, have a good day, and thank you for everything today.”

“You’re welcome, please tell Tempo that I miss her, OK?”

“Don’t you worry, I’m absolutely gonna tell her!!”

Lilanda opens window to wave at Rock and shout what he did to protect her from today’s crisis. Rock’s the one who always protect everyone, although she did something awful to his friend, Tempo…but he’s still accept those pain and walk forward.

“Thank you for everything today again, Rock!!!”

Rock smile, wave goodbye, and shout back to Lilande. In his mind, whoever they are, what they have done…they have second chance to fix themselves…unlike him that he doesn’t have second chance…one mistake, game over for him. Sometimes he never thought about himself, but nowadays he have plenty of times to have fun with every of his moment from now on.

“Thank you very much, Dr.Lalinde!!!”

That’s one of his lovely goodbye moment, although he’ll have no chance to see Lilande or Tempo again…but he believe that everyone’s still connected like Brother Band, everyone in the future, in the faraway place, in the alternate dimensions, or something else, they’re one for all and all for one…just like what Rock did in the past and does in the present.

“Well, time to go home, eh?”

Rock walks back to home for supper. He’s tired for today’s activity and wants some energy. On the half way to home, Rock looks up to bright sky of afternoon time and think about everyone that protect people’s future instead of him.


Rock looks at his Gashat and put it in Kimewaza holder, and raises his fist to the sky to say something he wants to tell everyone, but no chance to face with them.

‘You guys don’t have to fight and risk your own life anymore…’

From this moment, Rock’s new game with his allies from different place will begin. Will they find their goal to clear a game or else…

“…cause I’m back to my own game and my own stage again.”

…it’s time for game start.

Akihabara, Tokyo, 16:43, 2017

In the center of Akihabara, there’s a teenage boy that wear purple hoodie with some badges on it, and carrying a black case trying to ask someone to tell him where is him right now.

“Excuse me, is this Tokyo, capital of Tokyo?”

“No, this city is Akihabara, Chiyoda. You can take subways at Suehirocho Station when it’s 19:04.”
“Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome, by the way…you look so similar to someone…”

She looks at him closely. Actually he looks like someone that fights for everyone in the Earth when they’re in danger…although everyone still acts the same…good and bad.

“Really? I don’t think so...”

“Well, have a good day, little boy.”

“You too, sis.”

That mysterious boy watch the woman that he ask for direction walks away with confusing eyes, but turn to normal eyes quickly and look at his phone for time.

“Well, it’s gonna be a long journey, but…”

Purple hoodie boy takes a look on an 8-bit NES Mega Man badge before walks to Suehirocho Station to travel to Tokyo for his target.

“…We’ll meet again…Rock Light.”

…but his GD-01 on his back and Gamer Driver logo on that black case show that his goal aren’t just only meet Rock. There’s something more than that…

[See you next game]

Available Gashaters/Gashat

Mighty Action X – Rock Hojo – Rockman/Megaman

Message from Gashater

Rock : Hi everyone, Rock here. I want to thank you everyone that support our game for a long time. By the way, I’m the root of every Rockman, so I know many things that happen to someone else in other generation, and my character isn’t kinda like my old one…time change – people change, but my NES character’s still available…but not for now.
This series isn’t cross just my series, but I’m not going to tell about details right now.
For the last thing I want to say is…thank you daddy Akira Kitamura and daddy Keiji Inafune that create me and my entire series…and thanks to Capcom that support me and my generations for long time.
Then, see you next time.
Here's finally 1st episode of this series!!! There are many things I want to write, although I'm not professional like anyone else...but I'll write because I want to. So, thank you, everyone!!!

I want to write crossover novel with Kamen rider Ex-Aid like this for a long time, but there's still daily life version, so something's gonna be different from your thought, but this is my style.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Thank you very much.
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